“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which mistakes to keep.”

— Scott Adams

Vintage Portraits

Digital image, paint, fused fabrics, and stitched. Featured on the cover of Art Quilt Studio Magazine

Digital Collage

"Shoes and Ships" Using digital tools and an understanding of design concepts. Included in the Quilt=Art=Quilt and Women Out West Exhibitions.

Cut Up Compositions

"Thin Man" featured on Quilting Arts and Quilting Arts Magazine. Taking risks and see what happens is what artists do.

Hello, I am Margaret Abramshe. After a career teaching art I began my dream of working fulltime as a studio artist. My work has been featured in exhibitions, magazines, and a variety of platforms from YouTube to PBS. I am sharing my passion and knowledge of art in a stress free format.

Join me at Abramshe Textile Arts!

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